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Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen food box deliveries make dieting easier … – Closer

Weight Watchers have just made losing weight and eating healthy homemade meals easier than ever before with their brand new food box delivery service WW Smart Kitchen. GET IN!

We all want to eat fresh, healthy food (OK, sometimes we want to eat takeaway in front of the telly or a kebab on the way home from the pub, but we’re not talking about those times!) – but what with work and family commitments, it can be hard to cook from scratch every night of the week.

But now help is at hand thanks to Weight Watchers, who have just launched a brand new food box delivery service WW Smart Kitchen.

What is Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen food box delivery?

Healthy meals delivered to your door? Count us in! (Credit: Weight Watchers)

Basically, WW Smart Kitchen delivers a box to your door (on a day and time chosen by you) full of everything you need to make a healthy dinner – from the raw ingredients to the recipe. Amazing, no?

And being Weight Watchers, every meal is healthy and calorie controlled (they let you know each meal’s values in carolies AND Weight Watchers Smart Points) – so you can calculate the rest of your day/ week with perfect accuracy.

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What kind of meals do Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen deliver?

The meals available are tasty and varied (Credit: Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen recipes will change on a weekly basis, but this week’s recipes include ricotta-stuffed chicken with balsamic veg, roasted mushroom spaghetti and mince beef bhuna (aka. yum, yum and YUUUUMMMM).

And as WW Smart Kitchen is run in conjunction with Bearfaced Groceries, all the ingredients are top notch and come from some of the UKs best suppliers.

What are the Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitche box options?

You can get Classic or Veggie boxes (Credit: Weight Watchers)

There are two box options: Classic or Veggie.

Each box can be ordered for two or four people.

You can choose to receieve three or five meals per box.

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How exactly does Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen work?

The service is really simple to use (Credit: Weight Watchers)

Well, we won’t lie – it’s dead easy…

1. Order
Simply visit the WW Smart Kitchen website and choose the best box for you and then place your order. This will automatically guide you through the sign up process

2. Select
Choose a delivery date and time that suits you and the WW Smart Kitchen team will ensure that your ingredients are delivered to your door each week.

3. Eat
Unpack your WW Smart Kitchen box, full of fresh, handpicked produce. Along with the easy step-by-step Weight Watchers recipe cards, you have everything you need to cook wholesome and tasty meals.

We told you – it’s literally over-worked, sleep-deprived mum proof!

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How much does Weight Watchers WW Smart Kitchen cost?

Prices start at £33 per box (Credit: Weight Watchers)

Prices start at £33 for the two person/ three meal veggie box, and go up to £75 for the four person/ five meal Classic box.

Classic box meals start from £3.75 per person, where the veggie ones are slightly cheaper at £3.65.

Do you need to be a Weight Watchers member to order a WW Smart Kitchen box?

Anyone can sign up for WW Smart Kitchen boxes (Credit: Weight Watchers)

No, you don’t have to be a Weight Watchers member, however you do need to sign up for 12-weeks worth of deliveries.

However, WW Smart Kitchen is a flexible subscription, which means you can cancel your weekly boxes at any point – no hidden meanings or small print and no minimum term.

You are also able to change your weekly delivery to fit in with your lifestyle; for example, if you’re going on holiday, you can simply place your account on hold and, when you’re ready, reactivate online.

Subscription charges go out every Thursday at 12 noon before the next week’s delivery, so if you wish to cancel the subscription you will be required to unsubscribe before that time to avoid being charged/ sent an additional box.

So there you have it – fresh, healthy, calorie-controlled meals delivered to your door. Bring on bikini weather, we say!

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