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Two Recipes To Kickstart Your Low-FODMAP Diet – Refinery29

If you’ve heard the words “Low-FODMAP diet” bandied around among your most health-obsessed friends over the past few months but been too scared to ask what they’re on about, then you need our handy explainer on the diet that could help show your IBS the door.

In brief, FODMAPs are the short-chain carbohydrates and sugars found in food. Some of us are intolerant to some of them, which could be the reason you’re IBS-ing all over the shop. The diet itself isn’t new, but it’s only within the last year that it’s been added to the guidelines used by doctors to advise patients with IBS.

Talk to your GP first about whether you should consider a low-FODMAP diet (and beware, it’s not a diet to take lightly) but, if you both agree it might be right for you, you’re going to have to come up with a whole new set of meals you can eat.

Luckily, Emma Hatcher, owner of low-FODMAP-friendly blog She Can’t Eat What?! has some recipes from her new book to hand.

Here are two to tide you over until you figure out your new repertoire of go-to meal staples.

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