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'Slim' family's recipe for success – New Ross Standard

LOOK AT THEM NOW! Ollie, Pauline and Siobhan after shedding the weight
THE WAY THEY WERE: Siobhan Murphy
The way they were: Ollie Murphy
The way they were: Pauline Murphy

Ramsgrange family Ollie, Pauline and Siobhan Murphy have lost the equivalent of a 13 stone adult in weight between them within a year.

Former milkman and general handyman Ollie, 58, lost over 5 stone, Pauline, 55, lost 2 and half stone and Siobhan, 27, lost 5 and half stone by sticking together through a Slimming World diet programme.

Pauline took the first step by approaching South West Wexford Slimming World consultant Yvonne Byrne in May 2017 and she encouraged Siobhan to join.

Within a few months Ollie was also on board.

All three Murphys were shocked when they saw their calorie intake: Ollie from alcohol, and Pauline and Siobhan through snacking.

Siobhan was getting depressed about her weight and found it difficult to hold down a job, but now she is a changed woman, working in a firm in Wexford. She said she couldn’t face people, hid away and was so miserable all the time. Only in her twenties, she said she wasn’t living her life and admitted she didn’t see a bright future for herself.

Ollie was on the verge of being diagnosed with diabetes and couldn’t walk a few steps without sweating and getting breathless.

Ollie is known in the Ramsgrange area for his great desserts and through Slimming World he found ways to make sweet treats with healthy ingredients, surprising himself in the process.

Yvonne said: ‘He was drinking pints at the weekend. Now he says he can still go out every now and then but he takes it easier. His daughter BrĂ­d got married the end of July this year. She lives away but said to Ollie that she can put her arms around her Dad for the first time. Throughout the day family and friends couldn’t believe the change in the Murphys.’

She said it was a case of ‘anything goes’ with Pauline, but she has transformed her life through her diet.

Ever since Siobhan joined Slimming World she has started cooking. ‘She is just crazy about her food. She didn’t bother cooking before and just ate take-aways but since she started to see her success she has been developed a love of cooking.’

Yvonne, who has lost seven stone, said it is rare for a family to go to Slimming World together, but in this case it was the secret recipe for success.

‘The fact that they have been working on this together really does help. If you try to do it all alone it can be incredibly hard. They have completely changed their lives, are healthier, closer and so much happier now. They all said how they were all so depressed, felt ill all the time and had no energy beforehand. They love the fact that they are still eating so much food and learning how to switch certain food to a healthier option.’

Yvonne said: ‘Life is looking fantastic for them all. They have no more health issues or scares. They love clothes shopping, cooking and trying new recipes together and are full of energy and life again but more importantly love how they are influencing so many people now. People are joining Slimming World after seeing and hearing how they’ve been so successful. They all said it has completely turned their lives around.’

She said: ‘I myself am so proud of them all. They are a vital part of their South West group and I’ve seen them grow from shy, down and out, lonely and miserable people to smiling, bubbly amazingly happy people. I feel like I’m part of their family now because I’ve been on this weight loss journey all the way with them and they have truly blossomed into the real Ollie, Pauline and Siobhan.’

Yvonne holds classes in the Brandon House Hotel in New Ross every Tuesday and every Saturday morning in Ramsgrange for anyone who is interested.

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