Juice Diet Recipe

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Detox – Simple Juice Diet Recipes For You!

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Expert Author Cheryl Maisy
Juice Diet Recipe

All waste products and toxins are removed from the human body by way of sweat, urine or feces. The human body is in itself a detoxifying machine and it is a natural process of the body to detoxify itself. There are other ways to detoxify your body with the use of special detox programs, plans or diets. One popular detox diet plans is the detox juice diet plan. You are required to only drink juices of certain fruits in order to flush the toxins out from your system. This requires you to buy fruits in huge quantities and stock it so you can make a juice whenever you feel hungry and drink it. You should take care not to include any anti acid substances in the way you process your juice diet.

You should sue only whole natural fruits for your juices and should avoid any artificial packed juices that you find in the market today. You can also include green leafy vegetables and vegetables like carrots when you are on the juice diet. The vegetables are required to be eaten boiled but eating it raw will give you the best results. No other solid food must be eaten when on this diet. The vegetable you eat and the fruits that eat must be in liquid for and not solid in texture. This will help you in the digestion process thereby enabling of the flushing out of the toxins better. You can be on a juice diet for a minimum period of 5 days at least.

If you are a heart patient or kidney patient you should seek expert advice before taking up a juice diet program. People with blood pressure, diabetes, urinary infection and liver problems are also advised to take up juice diet only after the symptoms of these diseases vanish. All said and done, even if you are healthy and are fit it is better to take a doctors opinion after undergoing a full assessment of your body condition. The following paragraph will explain to you a simple juice diet recipe that you can try at home.

Mix three apples with a few basil leaves along with a carrot and juice it up in a blender. One more juice you can try is a beet root with two Swiss chard leaves along with 3 carrots and a celery stalk mixed and crushed in a blender. These juices are very effective in cleaning your body and flushing out the toxins and taste great too.

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