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New release! Body accessories for the Series Land Rover 109 pickup truck.

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Our friends Stefan and Andreas from AMS Scale Performance Austria have made us proud for successfully certifying the officially licensed BRX02 109 and BRX02 Link at the RECON G6 The Fix 12-hour event! In the July edition of Builder of the Month, we want to get to know more about their passion for model building and why they think Boom Racing products are so badass.

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You can get a chance to win one of four prizes for the month of July! Every week, we will announce a surprise giveaway for our shoppers. Get an entry into our lucky draw for every USD $50 spent! 

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It's out. The lighting kit that we are all waiting for Series III. What are you waiting for, grab one now!

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Happy Father's Day to the dads in our community! We feel truly inspired after sharing the stories from the dads of our Builder of the Month Father's Day Edition! Today we have a special feature from Jason Tsang, the founder of Boom Racing and Asiatees Hobbies. We hope you enjoy the interview!

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There's nothing more badass than a seven year old with her very own BRX01! It's Day 7 of the Builder of the Month Father's Day edition and today we are sharing Matthew Maynard and his adorable daughter Savannah's story. Matthew and Savannah undoubtedly share an incredible bond over the hobby, whether it be building trucks or attending R/C events.

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It all started when Kris bought his son Michael a nitro basher when he was ten. From night crawling to exploring big rock cliffs, there's no shortage of R/C memories between this father and son duo. Despite Kris' neck condition, he would still be there helping Michael with his BRX builds. Michael is proud of his dad's accomplishments and has always looked up to him. We are glad to feature Kris on Day 6 of Builder of the Month Father's Day Edition. Enjoy!    

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Today, we are featuring Matt Letchworth from Missouri. Matt has two kids and his youngest son enjoys tagging along for his RC adventures. We first met Matt when he had a layover in Arizona and wondered if he could pick up a few products from us while he was there. He was rushing to catch his flight so we met him at a CVS near the airport to deliver his order!

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Welcome to Day 4 of our Builder of the Month Father's Day edition. Today we are sharing Adam's story, also known as Maxee RC on social media. He might sound familiar to some of you as there's no shortage of amazing R/C videos shot by Adam himself! This includes the amazing Premier video that he made for the BRX02 Land Rover Series III. Adam enjoys exploring nature with his son and their off-road vehicle. We hope you enjoy our interview with Adam.

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It's Day 3 of our Builder of the Month Father's Day edition. Meet Keith Herrin from South Carolina - where he says the gas is cheap. Besides being a proud dad, Keith has a cat, two dogs, a leopard gecko, and oh, 23 chickens as well! 

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We are excited to share with you our second Dad for Builder of the Month Father's Day edition, Bryan from Florida! After a friend introduced Bryan to Boom Racing, he found inspiration and support through the Boom community. Bryan is also a dad to three kids, with whom he shares the joys of R/C.

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This month, we are featuring a few dads in our Builder of the Month series in the spirit of Father's Day! Stay tuned as we feature a R/C Dad daily leading up to the special day.

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We are excited to share with you our Builder of the Month of May 2023, Stephan Hinxman from Massachusetts! Stephan started getting into Boom Racing at Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2023. He was the lucky winner of the BRX02 6x6 at the event and now owns a total of five Boom Racing trucks.

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The much anticipated officially licensed Boom Racing BRX02™ Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 4WD radio control car kit is here!

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Welcome to our new series, in which we feature a Boom Racing builder each month from around the world! In our first edition, we have Patrice from Belgium, who became interested in crawlers during COVID and bought his first Boom Racing BRX02 in 2022. 


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This is how it looks the new 6mm CNC Aluminum Rails are installed in a BRX02. Check it out!

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Presenting the Rebuildable Steel CVD Drive Shaft Kit of KUDU. 

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You asked for it, the BRX02 aluminum rails are now available!

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Looking for a spare wheel option? Here's our B3D™ Spare Tire Mount for the BRX02 and Lightweight 1.9" OEM 16-Hole Steelies.

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New release of the Carbon Fiber Faceplate in three colors for ProBuild™ 1.9" Ultra Lightweight Performance Beadlock Wheels. 

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Look at our badass setup for this BRX01. Boom Racing's new Portal axles are here!

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Sometimes inspiration from others' creations leads to your ingenuity! Hope you like our new release Front ESC Mount Steel Bracket for BRX02 [BRX020106].

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Introducing the new Complete Assembled BRX90 Portal PHAT Axles.

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Presenting the Complete Assembled BRX70 Portal PHAT Axles.

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Boom Racing announced that they will be giving out a brand new officially licensed Land Rover® Series III BRX02 Pickup kit. Find out more.

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Check out our new ProBuild™ 1.9" Offset Beadlock Readyset in Matte Black Barrels.

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Isn't blue a cool color? Presenting the Rock Monster BLUE Silicone Tire Insert.

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Certainly, we need exquisite tools for our hobbies. Introducing the new KUDU™ toolset designed for building all types of R/C cars and for everyday applications.

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Here's what you are waiting for! The three all-new B3D front bumpers for the BRX02 D110 trucks.

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Presenting the new KUDU™ Multifunctional Soldering Jig. Designed from the ground up, the Boom Racing KUDU™ Multifunctional Soldering Jig is a beautifully crafted high-end billet aluminum and steel tool set for your R/C applications.

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We have released the BRX02 DIG and SWD (RWD/4WD) Transfer Cases. Check out these upgrade parts!

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Introducing the all-new Boom Racing BRX02 6x6 D110 Pick Truck. If you're looking for more traction for your BRX02, why not convert it to a 6x6 truck for more performance and own the ultimate 6x6 crawler?

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Come and check out our new ProBuild™ 2.2" series! The Ultra Lightweight ABS / Carbon Fiber Beadlock Wheels.

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For all of you small-scale tire lovers. We've just released 12 new 1.0" tires. Check it out!

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This is a special edition ProBuild™ 1.55" R12 6-Lug Adjustable Offset Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (2). Inspired from an iconic movie and vehicle from the 1990s, combined with our patented Probuild design for a quick and easy installation and setup. This beadlock wheel is a mix of nostalgic beauty and scale performance.

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Are you a fanatic of a classic wheel? Look no further Boom Racing releases a new ProBuild™ 1.9" classic beadlock wheels. Run them deep dish or original width. These are perfect wheels for classic vehicles. 


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Our all-new portal axle gearbox for the BRX70 and BRX90 PHAT Axles. Full aluminum construction, HD steel gears, and BADASS driveshafts for ultimate strength and durability. The portal gearboxes come pre-assembled, greased up, and ready to go for you!

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Boom Racing releases a six-lug version of their popular 16-hole steelie beadlock wheels. Click to find out more.

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Boom Racing releases a B3D™ roll cage and luggage tray for Team Raffee Co. D110 station wagon.

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Introducing four new B3D™ Spectre upgrades for the Team Raffee Co. D110 pickup body.

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Lightweight OEM steelie spare wheelsets are now available in 1.9" / 1.55" sizes. You can check it out here!

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This is a set of KUDU™ aluminum rock slider/side sill for BRX02 with Team Raffee Co. D110 bodies.

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Check out the BCF2™ 2-Speed scale transmission gearbox. 

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This is a set of KUDU™ aluminum tubular side steps with a diamond plate (black) for the BRX02.

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If you are looking to gain high clearance here is the Boom Racing BRX01 / BRX02 high clearance T-Case skid plate (for the link and rear leaf spring setup) BRX020020.

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If you want to know the Boom Racing drag links for BRX80 PHAT axle. Check out the post.

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One of our most badass products to date is the all-new ProBuild 2.2" R01 Mesh offset beadlock wheels. They include a set of removable center caps that can be run with or without.

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This is a complete list of optional parts and accessories for the Boom Racing BRX02 with Team Raffee Co. Defender D110 bodies.

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A complete set of front and rear assembled BRX80 Scale PHAT Axle Set. The BRX80 pin-to-pin axle width is 162mm or 6.378 inches, which is between the BRX70 and BRX90 axles.

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This blog is for you if you are looking for a rear shock tower damper with multiple mounting holes for your BRX01.

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An alternative way to have your stock bumper become awesome. Install a KUDU™ front steel nudge bar for BRX02.

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Check Boom Racing KUDU™ big bore coilover aluminum scale performance shocks. Available in 70/80/90mm.

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Fanatic of a bull bar? Here's the new KUDU™ front-wide steel bull bar set for Boom Racing BRX02.

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Presenting our Mileage Classic 1.9" Narrow GEKKO BLACK Scale Off-Road Tire (BRTR19006) is perfect for older classic builds.

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If you're planning to build a scale 1/10 Rover Gen 1 SUV (either the two-door or the four-door version), use this new aluminum body mounts to fit the BRX01 chassis and the bodies together. They are designed to fit together without any further modifications.

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This is ProBuild™ 1.9" Narrow RTS Adjustable Offset Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (2). The Boom Racing ProBuild wheels use a patented design for quick and easy installation and setup.

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Our new thin-walled 7mm to 8mm wheel nut driver adapter fits our XT6 V2 wheel hubs. A very handy tool to have in your toolbox.

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This new 3S version has all of the same features as the 36KG version with the additional 3S direct power capability and 40kg (555oz) of torque. All of the optional Muscle Winch accessories can be reused, including the optional 220 Fast Gear set.

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ProBuild™ release its new platinum color barrels wheels and available in 1.55" / 1.9" / 2.2". 

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Looking for a beast mode setup? Here is the new 2.2" ProBuild™ MAG10 Beadlock Wheel.

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Our Newest Product: The ProBuild™ 1.9" faceplate design "TWS" is now available for your wheel customization. Fits all existing ProBuild 1.9" wheels. Uses XT6 hubs.

Available in multiple matte colors.


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If you are looking to change the spring of your shock. Look for the KUDU™ full shock spring set (available in Super Hard, Hard, Medium, Soft, Super Soft).

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This is a set of ProBuild™ VT8 Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hex (8mm Wide) for 6mm wheel shafts. 

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This kit gives you all the essential parts needed to use the Boom Racing Muscle Winch™ for the BRX02.

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Three styles you can choose as Boom Racing releases ProBuild™ 2.2" M13 adjustable offset aluminum beadlock wheels.

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Check this ProBuild™ 1.9" M5 adjustable offset aluminum beadlock wheels. Read on to find out more.

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Inspired by the James Bond movie. Boom Racing releases ProBuild™ 1.9" spectre adjustable offset aluminum beadlock wheels.

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If you are seeking an aggressive look of tires. Here's Boom Racing AGGRESSOR™ 1.9" rock crawling tire GEKKO™ w/ 2-stage soft open/hard closed foam insert. 

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Dress up your ProBuild™ 1.55" wheels exactly the way you want! We've added new alum anodized colors for 1.55" barrels and faceplates.

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This is a pair of KUDU™ 90mm Coilover scale shock absorbers. Every aspect of these shocks has been optimized to deliver scale performance and precision adjustability.

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Protect your chassis with this stainless steel front skid plate set. It comes with an optional bumper alum mount and alum shackles for the BRX02 chassis.

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Now you can build the BRX01 chassis kit with the TRC Discovery body! Both are 313mm wheelbase.

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Our new ProBuild™ XT6 and XT5 v2 alum wheel hubs are now available!

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Looking for a big wheel? Introducing the ProBuild™ 2.2" with up to eight built-in offsets will be available in two different widths (36.5mm and 43mm).

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Are you looking for 1.55" wheels with a 6-bolt pattern? Introducing our all-new ProBuild XT5 6-Lug wheel hub system.

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Now Available! Two new ultra-lightweight ProBuild™ 1.9" offset wheels and include a new center lock ring design with a cleaner finish look.

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This is a mini servo mount with JX high voltage mini servo. This is for the optional SWD/DIG transfer case.

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This is a rear metal step bumper for the BRX02. Comes with a silver color diamond plate. Hardware included for installation.

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The new KUDU Big Bore Coilover Aluminum Scale Performance Shocks. Available in 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm.

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Thinking of converting the BRX01 chassis from linked suspension to rear or full leaf springs? Here is a list of optional parts needed.

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If you are converting BRX01 into full leaf spring suspension, these optional parts are a must-have. 

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Introducing Boom Racing latest scale crawler tire - 1.9" TPD All-Terrain Crawler Tire Gekko BLACK Compound 4.25"x1.65" (108x41.9mm) with 2-stage foam inserts. 

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It's here! Our pursuit of delivering the highest quality scale performance off-road vehicle brings you the latest innovative BRX02 chassis.

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Boom Racing releases all-new reversible KRAIT 1.0" brass beadlock wheels for mini crawlers such as the SCX24.

Comments 3339 views

If you're looking for an edge on extreme crawling, or on a quest for a more scale realistic 2WD/4WD transmission to have fun with, one of these three transfer cases will do the trick.

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Introducing Boom Racing's latest scale crawler tire - 1.9" TPD All-Terrain Crawler Tire Gekko Compound 3.82"x1.3" (97x33mm).

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Two new Rock Monster silicone tire inserts for 1.55" Baby HUSTLER / MAXGRAPPLER and 1.9" Mud Terrain Trophy Scale Tire just launched.

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Since the release of the new KUDU Bumper Kit, we've been asked how to integrate an internal winch with the Bumper. Read on to find out how.

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Boom Racing releases the KUDU™ high clearance modular bumper kit for the BRX01 with Toyota LC70 body.

Comments 2790 views

Boom Racing releases a low-profile aluminum fairlead for the Muscle Winch for more adjustability

Comments 2916 views

Boom Racing releases a new option for the ProBuild 1.9" beadlock wheels - a heavy weighted brass center ring with adjustable lead weights.

Comments 2754 views

Boom Racing releases modular brass weight performance upgrades for their BRX70 and BRX90 PHAT axles.

Comments 2295 views

Boom Racing releases a new 1.9x3.82x1.0 inch (97x26mm) scale crawler tire in super-soft Gekko rubber compound with a new firm open cell foam insert.

Comments 4896 views

Boom Racing releases their all-new servo winch - the Muscle Winch. It features an integrated Free Spool Unit, operates at 6.0-8.4V and fully waterproofed.

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You spoke, Boom Racing listened! Introducing Boom Racing's all-new dual-staged 1.55" x 4.19" sized foam insert in soft open outer foam and hard closed inner foam.

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Boom Racing released a new Neo Chrome color option for their ProBuild 1.9" Offset Beadlock Wheels.

Comments 945 views

Boom Racing just released their new toolset that includes two sizes of both Phillips and Flat Head screwdrivers.

Comments 1242 views

Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.9" narrow tire for the SP Road Tracker line, with the reliable and trusted Gekko compound.

Comments 3285 views

Boom Racing is releasing the all-new transparent 1.9" ProBuild "CAL" beadlock wheels.

Comments 3123 views

Introducing the all-new Boom Racing Rock Monster silicone tire inserts for RC scalers around the world!

Comments 2628 views

Introducing the all-new Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9" Customizable Beadlock Wheels with built-in offset features.

Comments 1863 views

Boom Racing releases an all-new 4-Link Conversion Kit for the Axial SCX10.2.

Comments 3015 views

Ever needed to switch between standard offset and deep-dish wheels? Boom Racing releases two all-new 1.9" reversible S100 and S200 steelie reversible beadlocks.

Comments 3510 views

Boom Racing just released three additional colors for their Extra Wide 1.9" KRAIT™ TE37XD deep dish aluminum beadlock wheels.

Comments 4023 views

Boom Racing releases the narrow version of their 1.9" HUSTLER M/TX Max Class 2 (MC2) in 4.75"x1.5".

Comments 3654 views

The MAXGRAPPLER scale crawler tire series welcomes its newest addition in the size of 4.45x1.45 (113x37mm), using the same trusted Gekko compound.

Comments 2142 views

This Forward ESC Mounting Plate neatly relocates the ESC to the front of the BRX01 chassis.

Comments 1602 views

Thinking of mounting the Boom Racing BRX01 chassis on a lexan body? This Complete Universal Body Mount Set is a must! Check it out.

Comments 1305 views

This aluminum Rear Quick Release Body Mount option enables the rear body hinge system when using the BRX01 Universal Body Mount set.

Comments 1782 views

Boom Racing releases their 5-Lug billet aluminum wheel hub adapters in four different offset sizes.

Comments 1206 views

Boom Racing releases a new scale 4wd center locking hub cover for their 1.55 and 1.9 beadlock wheels.

Comments 1935 views

This all-new extra wide (40mm/1.57in) 1.9 KRAIT beadlock wheel features beefier look and improves sidewall conformity.

Comments 1530 views

Boom Racing re-releases their 16-Hole 1.9 steelie beadlock with removable XT5 aluminum hub. This gives you the option to reverse the wheel for deep dish setup.

Comments 1521 views

Boom Racing releases a new BRX01 panhard mount option for longer shocks to maximize articulation. They also reduce lateral axle movement for overall performance.

Comments 6039 views

The BRX01 chassis kit standalone version will be released soon. A fully upgraded, ready-to-go performance scale chassis.

Comments 1971 views

Boom Racing releases all-new soft outer / hard inner dual stage foam inserts for 1.9x 4.75 and 4.45 crawler tires.

Comments 1836 views

Boom Racing releases a set of new 7-pieces Metric Hex Wrench that includes allen hex, ball tip hex and socket wrenches.

Comments 2952 views

Austrian driver Andreas Hahn drove Boom Racing BRX01 and survived the gruesome 12 Hour 'The Fix' at the recent Recon G6 Belgium event.

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Boom Racing releases their latest dual stage open/closed cell foams for 1.9x4.45 (113mm) tires.

Comments 1602 views

Boom Racing releases the new 1.55" MaxGrappler MT/R in Gekko compound. MaxGrappler is a detailed scale tire with very capable soft rubber compound.

Comments 1692 views

VM releases a detailed steel bed cage for the Boom Racing BRX01.

Comments 1836 views

VM introduces their fresh product line with the much anticipated front plastic inner fender for the Boom Racing BRX01.

Comments 3168 views

Boom Racing just released a 1.9 deep dish version of their Terra Classic 8-Hole beadlock wheels with removable XT6 hubs.

Comments 2061 views

Looking for the best aluminum deep dish offset beadlocks? The Boom Racing TE37XD KRAIT Beadlock Wheels are trail proven and used by top U4RC drivers.

Comments 2043 views

Boom Racing releases a set of classic smoothie wheel cap for their 1.55 beadlock wheels.

Comments 2664 views

Pictures of a very unique Jurassic Park Toyota LC70 build.

Comments 1827 views

Imagine life without torque twist.  Is that a fantasy? Not anymore! Boom Racing releases a complete kit to eliminate torque twist in the D110 chassis kit.

Comments 1899 views

Boom Racing just released its latest accessory for the Toyota LC70 hard body; a Battery Storage Box for relocating the battery to the bed of the truck.

Comments 2178 views

Boom Racing releases the much anticipated BRX90 PHAT Axles. The BRX90 is a wider version of the BRX70 axle for Class 1 and Class 2 builds.

Comments 13266 views

If you're planning to build a BRX01 with Toyota Land Cruiser 70 hard body, here is a complete list of option parts and upgrades for it.

Comments 3159 views

Boom Racing releases the latest optional part for the BRX01 - Rear Leaf Spring Conversion Kit. Includes high quality leafs and Anti-Wrap bars.

Comments 1701 views

For those running leaf springs on the BRX01 or their Counter Rotating T-Case, this upgrade will help you slide better over obstacles.

Comments 1260 views

CChand has a new steel bumper for the Boom Racing BRX01 chassis.

Comments 4635 views

CChand is releasing two new bull bars for the BRX01. Two styles available: ARB and Rhino with options including IPF lights and Warn winch.

Comments 2655 views

Looking to build a dually truck with true beadlock wheels and not have to glue the tires together? This new dually system is perfect your next dually project!

Comments 3744 views

Boom Racing releases the dually conversion set for the Killerbody 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 hard body.

Comments 2079 views

Boom Racing releases two 1.55 foam inserts for 3.74 and 4.19 tall crawler tires.

Comments 2628 views

Boom Racing releases all-new 1.9x4.75 firm dual stage forms for the 1.9 HUSTLER MC2 crawler tire. A firmer inner foam increases overall performance.

Comments 2916 views

Boom Racing releases their high quality ball driver hex wrench set in 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0mm metric sizes.

Comments 5589 views

Boom Racing is releasing a new line of TE37 KRAIT beadlock aluminum wheels with new removable hubs.

Comments 2754 views

Boom Racing releases new BADASS steel universal drive shafts for Axial's AR60 axle housing.

Comments 3168 views

Boom Racing releases 1/10 realistic scale rubber traffic cone with reflective decal.

Comments 7011 views

Boom Racing introduces a new scale suspension system that mimics 1:1 Defenders to the scale RC lovers.

Comments 2061 views

Boom Racing releases a complete set of their new 32 pitch hardened steel gears. Available from 9 tooth all the way to 19 tooth.

Comments 7371 views

Tired of seeing torque twist? Boom Racing releases the Anti Torque Twist Conversion Kit for the D90 chassis to eliminate it.

Comments 2592 views

Boom Racing releases complete heavy duty steel center drivelines for the Traxxas TRX4 Sport, Land Rover and Ford Bronco.

Comments 2088 views

Boom Racing releases complete sets of BADASS heavy duty center drivelines for all MST offroad series.

Comments 3609 views

Boom Racing just released an aluminum servo mount for axle mounted servo setup for the BRX70 PHAT axle.

Comments 3474 views

Here is an in-depth review on the new "narrow" BRX70 PHAT Axle. Thinking of building a truck around these new axles? Check it out.

Comments 5697 views

Builders around the world is creating more realistic scale trucks. Boom Racing releases an all-new narrow BRX70 PHAT axle for scale truck builders.

Comments 1134 views

Scaleformance is big. Boom Racing releases a new D90 Scale PHAT Axle aluminum link mount set for the upcoming BRX HD Transfer Case for Anti Torque Twist.

Comments 2115 views

The new BABY HUSTLER is a scale + performance tiny tire that is great for smaller crawler builds at 3.74"x1.3" (95x33mm).

Comments 2979 views

The RC scale scene has been exploding of late. Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.55 16-Hole Steelie beadlock wheels to meet the demand.

Comments 2916 views

Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.9 scale tire called MAXGRAPPLER in 3.82x1.26 inch (97x32mm).

Comments 4752 views

Boom Racing releases the strongest AR44 OD heavy duty gears and diff locker set for the SCX10 II housing.

Comments 5913 views

Boom Racing releases top-of-the-line performance BADASS HD drivelines for 1/10 scale crawlers and trucks. Designed to take abuse and great scale appearance.

Comments 25146 views

Here is a guide on how to build a performance based scale chassis for the 1/10 Killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 hard body.

Comments 2484 views

Boom Racing releases a delrin high clearance skid plate that is compact and gain additional clearance over the stock skid plate.

Comments 3258 views

Boom Racing releases Low ProfileTruss Upgrade for the D90/D110 chassis Scale PHAT Axles to gain clearance, strength, and durability.

Comments 3357 views

Boom Racing releases front and rear HD BADASS steel shafts for the AR44 axle housing.

Comments 20502 views

Wondering what to get for your Traxxas TRX4? We compiled a list of must-haves upgrades and accessories on

Comments 14121 views

Boom Racing releases Scale V8 5.0 32V TiVDT Engine for the Team Raffee Co. Scale Engine Transmission block.

Comments 12528 views

A new Toyota Land Cruiser project started at The goal was to build the ultimate scale performance truck. Three months later, the TLC Build is here.

Comments 2349 views

Boom Racing's best-selling Complete AR44 PHAT Axles got updated with all-new BADASS heavy duty shafts and SST High Steer Links.

Comments 7785 views

We recently spotted a very nice scale 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser crawler build by Markster G. Dacanay from Guam. Here is how he built this rig.

Comments 2016 views

Boom Racing releases a High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit to increase significant ground clearance for the Defender D90/D110 chassis.

Comments 5508 views

Here is a step-by-step guide to set up the D90 High Clearance Skid Plate Conversion Kit #BR302011 to gain 8mm in clearance and hide the rod ends.

Comments 6138 views

Boom Racing releases Axle Mounted Servo AND Counter-Rotation Axle Conversion Kit for Axial's AR44 axle housing to convert your SCX10 II from stock CMS.

Comments 1251 views

Boom Racing releases a 1.55" SP Road Tracker tire for the grocery getter builds.

Comments 5436 views

A video installation guide for the new revolutionary LED body mount that lets you hook up your electronics from chassis to body wirelessly.

Comments 21366 views

Bert Manansala AKA KRONIK recently did a collaboration with Boom Racing to build this one-of-a-kind Wrangler PUNISHER Jeep.

Comments 10413 views

Here is a new and easy way to install your body, wirelessly. If you run LEDs on your rig, this new wireless mount lets you completely detach the body without any messy cables connecting on the body.

Comments 4599 views

Boom Racing releases a scale antenna for those looking to add scale realism. It also serves to protect your receiver antenna from being damaged.

Comments 23157 views

Boom Racing collaborated with Knight Customs to create a one-off Defender D110 military themed pickup truck.

Comments 6606 views

Boom Racing releases the HUSTLER M/TX tires in max class 1 (MC1) size.

Comments 8190 views

Boom Racing releases the new XL HUSTLER tires 4.75x1.75 Max Class 2 (MC2) w/ SNAIL SLIME compound Super Soft with new high quality 2-Stage open/closed cell foam included.

Comments 3888 views

Its November and the Hong Kong Recon G6 is finally here again. Boom Racing and the Recon G6 welcomes you to Hong Kong to the 2nd Asian Scale Invasion.

Comments 4716 views

Carisma Scale Adventure is releasing a new RTR crawler called LYNX. It is an ORV (Outbreak Recovery Vehicle) themed crawler truck based on their recently released SCA-1E chassis.

Comments 3474 views

Rules and schedule of the 5 events for the 2017 Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 Hong Kong on November 11-12 presented by Kerry Hotel.

Comments 19008 views

If you are thinking of upgrading your Carisma Coyote SCA-1E rig, here are the Boom Racing performance parts that will fit this crawler.

Comments 8667 views

Boom Racing releases an all-new 1.9 skinny tire for 1/10 scale builds. At merely 24mm wide, they are the perfect size tire for military builds, retro trucks and daily drivers.

Comments 3690 views

ATees has an exclusive sneak peek of the all-new 1.9 narrow tire Boom Racing has been developing for the last 10 months.

Comments 6003 views

This year's Recon G6 in Hong Kong is packed with fun and exciting events. Participants from at least 15 countries will fly in to experience two days of non-stop RC adventure.

Comments 7839 views

Boom Racing releases the Defender D110 Pickup Truck kit version with full metal upgrades.

Comments 8208 views

Boom Racing is releasing their ultra heavy AR44 PHAT axles in complete front and rear sets.

Comments 3942 views

Boom Racing recently released three new Defender fully upgraded metal chassis.

Comments 1926 views

Boom Racing continues to push forward in U4 rock racing by releasing the Track Rod aluminum upgrade for the Losi Rock Rey.

Comments 2745 views

Boom Racing released four different shapes and sizes of M4 ball ends with high quality SST flanged pivot balls.

Comments 7956 views

Boom Racing released eight different scale chassis packages for your RC builds.

Comments 396 views

Arguably one of the nicest Boom Racing wheels made to date, the "Stock Steelie" Land Cruiser 70 series has a perfect mix of scaleness and functionality.

Comments 4896 views

Boom Racing's SCX10 II keyed spool and bevel gear design eliminates inherent weakness of the stock Axial gears with the three 2mm bolts.

Comments 7956 views

Build details of two D90 from the Canyon State Scale Adventures of the Boom Racing D90 Chassis and Team Raffee Co. D90 body.

Comments 7389 views

Ready-To-Go ultra heavy-weight XRMod PHAT axle package, this axle set will give you the ultimate performance you're looking for in any crawler.

Comments 2367 views

Boom Racing released this High Clearance Motor Mount which will increase clearance for your D90 / D110 / RC4WD Gelande II by raising the motor up.

Comments 13995 views

There are many new great looking 313mm wheelbase hard bodies on the market today. Boom Racing released a 313mm conversion kit for the RC4WD TF2 for new project seekers.

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The stock AR44 gears on the Axial SCX10 II are known to be a weak point on the axle. Boom Racing releases a new heavy duty helical bevel gear & diff locker to improve on its performance.

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Boom Racing latest release for the KRAIT 1.9 beadlock wheels - Green Edition Sandstorm and Venomous.

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Pictures of the MST 1/8 CFX-W upgraded with the Boom Racing Complete Stainless Steel Links upgrade kit.

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Boom Racing released the latest MST 1/8 CFX-W crawler upgrade, a high quality stainless steel links set that extends the wheel base from 300mm to 313mm to fit many popular bodies.

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The latest Boom Racing product to hit the market is an aluminum transfer case for the Axial Bomber RR10.

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Boom Racing new top grade performance crawler tire - HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 class tire with their new super sticky SNAIL SLIME compound available for pre-order.  

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An update for Boom Racing complete aluminum axles for Axial SCX10 that are interchangeable front and rear.

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Boom Racing announced a new top grade performance crawler tire - HUSTLER M/T Xtreme in 1.9 class with their new super sticky SNAIL SLIME compound.

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In this video you will see the difference of running with and without the KRAIT™ Adjustable Weighted 1.9 Beadlock Wheel Ring.

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Here in this video we will show you what you will need to do when you buy a set of boom racing shocks.

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Its 2017 and we need one of the things that calls for an update is the servo horn. Boom Racing released a new low profile aluminum servo horn that looks clean and contemporary.

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Boom Racing factory drivers will be racing with these prototype KRAIT 1.9 Delrin DCR beadlock center rings for the upcoming U4 Nationals in Arizona.

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Scale fans can rejoice as Boom Racing released a new set of aluminum 1.55 beadlock wheels dubbed the Terra Classic 8-Hole.

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The latest product to hit the scale RC scene is Boom Racing's Yota LC Classic 1.55 Beadlock Wheels. Its got great innovative engineering design and scale realism. These wheels are must-haves for Toyota fans.

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Boom Racing updated the Scale PHAT Axle with beefier helical gears, aluminum steering knuckles, lower profile PHAT truss and more.

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ATees has a new feature on the site to let you bundle up and save on your favorite RC parts. One of the hottest wheel/tire combo - the KRAIT Beadlock Wheels and Pit Bull Tires.

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Boom Racing released their new KRAIT 2.2 beadlock wheels following the popular 1.9 KRAIT Wheels.

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If you are adding tubes in your AR60 axles in the rear housing, Boom Racing's rear axles are filed down to allow them to slide through the tubes without any modifications needed.

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Ben Harmon recently teamed up with Boom Racing and made immediate impact on the U4 scene, with consistant podium finishes at the top level. Ben wants to say "Hello" to everyone.

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Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 pre-registration deadline is now over. Over 150 drivers pre-registered to participate in the first Recon G6 RC crawling event in Asia!

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Ready-To-Go, bolt-on package with no modifications needed. Most affordable way to get this steering and all these other options in one!

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The first ever Recon G6 in Asia is just around the corner! Here are some tips we think you might be useful to you.

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The Asian Scale Invasion RC crawling event is just around the corner. We’ve talked to one group who are attending the event - the Sitput Park Trophy from Malaysia, to give us an update on how they are preparing for the event.

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The highly anticipated XRMOD PHAT™ Axle With Stainless Steel Steering Links and Stainless Steel Universals are now available for pre-order.

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Boom Racing recently released an all-new Weighted Wheel Ring System for their KRAIT wheels. Here is a video on how to install this excellent product onto your wheels.

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Many people in the scale comp scene know this name - Ryan Tousley. He has been a solid scale truck driver for a number of years now. We recently interviewed him and touched on his RC journey, how he started and his involvement in the community today.

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If you've been looking to add weight to your crawler wheels, there is an answer. Boom Racing released this an adjustable weighted ring for their KRAIT™ Beadlock Wheel series.

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Boom Racing released three new kinds of beadlock wheel rings - VEGAS, DESERT and LANKA.

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Boom Racing came up with an innovative design with the lower links for the SCX10, which incorporates two things, an optional sway bar system and adjustable links.

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We recently did an interview with Kelly McElderry, a woman who knows no bounds, loves to shoot and builds the baddest RC rigs.

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Boom Racing has just released three new colors for their KRAIT™ Sandstorms and Venomous beadlock wheels!

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A few months ago, I came up with the idea of doing a 2.2 crawler tire comparison. Why? Because at all the meetings I attend, people are always convinced that their tire is better than others. So I set out to see what these ZigZag tires could do.

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Boom Racing has recently announced that they will be hosting the first Asian RECON G6 in November!

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Tire adjustability, anyone? Boom Racing develops new Ultra Soft Snail Slime compound, one grade softer than the Super Soft compound for more tire tuning opportunities.

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XRMOD PHAT axle heavy duty rear shafts are now available to match your front XRMOD PHAT axle.

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Boom Racing released an all new 7-pieces allen hex wrench tool set with a few new features.

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