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How to stop dieting as a couple from ruining your relationship – The Denver Post

By Jae Berman, Special to The Washington Post

What happens when a couple tries to lose weight together? It can be the recipe for success … or a total disaster. Losing weight is difficult, and if someone feels alone during the process, lasting change may seem impossible. If a couple goes through the journey together, though, they can create healthier habits and strengthen their relationship. Supporting each other, having fun and being honest are the keys to making it work.

Compare behaviors rather than numbers

Comparing body weight and/or pounds lost isn’t the best way to go. This is especially important for women to remember, since men will likely lose weight quicker. If you want to compare, consider using behaviors and habits to gauge how you’re doing. Notice what your partner is doing well and use that to learn how you can improve.

  • “My partner brought his lunch to work every day this week, so I’ll try to do the same. We can pack our lunches at the same time.”
  • “I feel good about not having had a soda all week, but my partner exercised five times this week. I’m going to focus on exercising three times next week.”
  • “I filled half my plate with veggies at lunch and dinner. I’m going to work with my partner so we both increase our vegetable intake.”

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