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Here's Hoda Kotb's Easy Knockoff Recipe for McDonald's Special Sauce … – Bravo (blog)

When Hoda Kotb sat down with friend and TODAY colleague Al Roker for TODAY.com’s Cold Cuts With Al Roker, she shared an insider cooking secret. For his web show, the host invites celebs on set for a chat while they make a sandwich inspired by the star’s favorite things — and Hoda revealed that her best sandwich stands on the strength of its sauce.

“It doesn’t even matter what bread you use, or what meat you use, as long as you make the special sauce,” she told Al. “You know that two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun [McDonald’s commercial jingle]?” she asked Al. “OK, that special sauce, I think I re-created it.”

And it’s quite simple, really. “First, I go ketchup, then I go mayo,” Hoda explained, while mixing the ingredients together in a bowl. “And a little relish — sweet relish.”
That’s it! And to Hoda’s taste, more is better. “I like a messy sandwich too,” she said, adding, “I could just take a spoon” and eat the sauce alone. 

And there you have it: a three-ingredient DIY fast-food facsimile.

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