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Healthy recipe for gout: Spicy egg pancake – TheHealthSite

Can eggs be recommended to gout patients? As counter intuitive it might sound, eggs can be a part of a gout-friendly, low-purine diet. Gout sufferers are often advised to stay off protein and eggs is one of the best sources of the macronutrient. It turns out that eggs contain very less purines, the compound responsible for excessive uric acid in the body. So as long as they are consumed in moderation, there is no reason why gout sufferers need to fear eggs or cut them out of their diet. Try this deliciously spicy egg pancake recommended by dietician Geeta Shenoy of Dietitian Geeta Shenoy’s Nutrition & Wellness Clinic, Chembur.

Three eggs
One cup milk
One cup wheat flour
One teaspoon baking powder
One medium red onion
One small bell pepper
One small bunch of coriander leaves
Half teaspoon sugar
Salt to taste
Finely chop all the vegetables. Beat eggs in a large bowl, add a little milk and continue whisking till it becomes foamy. Add the wheat flour little-by-little into the mixture and continue beating the mixture to avoid any lumps. Add baking powder to the mixture and beat it into a smooth paste.
Pour the remaining milk into the mixture and blend it. Add the finely chopped onion and green chillies and mix the batter well. Add bell peppers, coriander leaves, salt and sugar. Mix everything together with a light hand and keep it aside for 5 minutes.
Grease a large non-stick pan or tawa with one teaspoon of oil and heat it on a medium flame. Once the pan is hot enough, take a large spoon of the batter and pour it into the pan. Now rotate the pan so that the batter coats the bottom of the pan properly. Pour a little more batter if necessary.
Turn the flame on medium. It will take around 3-4 minutes for the pancake to cook on one side. Once the side turns golden brown, lift the sides of the pancake and flip it gently to avoid any mess.
Once the reverse side gets cooked, flip it one more time on each side to ensure it gets cooked thoroughly. Serve with salsa sauce, garlic chutney or tomato ketchup.

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Published: March 1, 2017 9:29 am

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