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Dorinda Medley Shares Her Smart (And Tasty!) Leftover Produce Hack – Bravo (blog)

Ina Garten’s not the only one who knows how to use up all those pesky leftover bits in your kitchen. Dorinda Medley has told us before that nothing in her kitchen gets wasted, and she recently came back to Instagram with some tips on how to make sure that no produce gets tossed prematurely. 

During a Sunday cooking fest that saw her preparing cozy chicken broth and cooking mushrooms in a buttery sauce, The Real Housewives of New York City pal also emptied her fridge of all the veggies that needed using up. “I’ve emptied the refrigerator of all the vegetables, and I’m going to do a kind of salad bar,” she announced, showing off little bowls of the various veggies she’d collected. A pop-up salad bar — how clever! 

Dorinda’s fruits got the same waste-not treatment. “I’ve taken all the old berries, rewashed them, I’m going to make a puree and then freeze it in little bags, and then use it for my protein shakes,” she shared, showing off her berry-filled blender. 

Take a look at the fruits (zing!) of Dorinda’s kitchen labor: 

Photos: @DorindaMedley/Instagram Stories  

So, here’s the lesson of the day, straight from the RHONY pal herself: “Instead of throwing out everything in your refrigerator, you can give some to the animals, put it in broth, cook it, puree it, and use it now, or use it later, make a beautiful soup.”

Resourceful and delicious — what’s not to love? 

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