Bruschetta with hummus Recipe

Bruschetta is a tasty Italian dish. It is misunderstood in that it is not only the topping, but the topping on toasted bread that makes true Bruschetta. Bruschetta is an easy to customize appetizer.

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What is Bruschetta?

Bruschetta is a mysterious yet interesting item in the gourmet food world. The confusion on how to eat it is rampant in America. In many gourmet grocery stores you will find jars of Bruschetta on the shelf near the pesto or tomatoes. You might be tempted to pick up a jar. Without knowing what to do with it you might serve it on your pasta or even on crackers. The fact that this is an age old topping for crusty toasted bread is often not uncovered at all. True Bruschetta is simple enough for even the kitchen impaired cook to master. It is traditionally a toasted bread rubbed with garlic and then topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled over the top. The final step is to add salt and pepper to taste making this a simple yet satisfying dish for everyone.

Today this Italian dish or appetizer is still served in the traditional style and is passed down from generation to generation. However, Bruschetta for the most part in America is served with tomatoes. Other variations include using pepper rubs and actual chunks of vegetables from Piquillo Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers to Artichokes and Basil. Toasted bread is topped with olive oil imbued tomatoes and spices. Some chefs then add even more flair to it by topping it with cheese. The dish is good in its traditional mode, and perhaps even better as it has evolved. If you wish to make your own Bruschetta experiment with toppings and then add on what you like. If you are no great hand in the kitchen then use the Bruschetta from your local gourmet store such as Elki’s Tomato Bruschetta.

Baguettes and French bread are a typically base for the Bruschetta topping. The bread should be put in the oven on the broiler setting for one to two minutes on each side. When removed the bread should be rubbed with garlic, and then drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is at this point that salt and pepper is usually added to the Olive Oil covered bread. There are many variations which are just a matter of what else you want to add. If tomato is added, mix it with the olive oil in advance and then spoon over the bread. The same is true for any other toppings from artichokes, basil and peppers. If you add cheese to the top consider heating again briefly to melt the cheese. On the down side the tomato mixture would be heated as well.

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