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10 Infused-Water Recipes to Keep You Hydrated All Summer Long – NBCNews.com

If there’s one mainstay of a healthy diet that we all seem to be able to agree on, it’s the importance of drinking water.

As we learned firsthand, staying hydrated boosts energy, curbs hunger and gives you that enviable summer glow. It can also help improve focus at work, encourage quality sleep and offers up other benefits that make our lives healthier and more productive.

And as the temperature begins to heat up — and we take our morning jogs and weekend lunch dates outdoors — it’s especially important to keep that water bottle nearby. In hot weather, we tend to lose more water through sweating, so it’s important to be diligent about replacing that lost fluid.

But even the most avid hydrators among us have to admit: water can get boring. Especially when lemonade, Frappuccinos and glasses of rosé are calling our name. The solution? Adding a little excitement to your glass with a pop of color and some actual taste to keep you sipping away.

When it comes to flavoring water the sky is the limit — there are endless combos of fruit, veggies and herbs to experiment with. Here are a few of our favorite combos to get you started:

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Blackberry lemon infused water

Image::Watermelon basil infused water|||[object Object]
Watermelon basil infused water

Image::Coconut kiwi mint infused water|||[object Object]
Coconut kiwi mint infused water

Image::Rosemary citrus water|||[object Object]
Rosemary citrus water

Image::Raspberry, rose and vanilla water|||[object Object]
Raspberry, rose and vanilla water

Image::Jalapeno cucumber lime infused water|||[object Object]
Jalapeno cucumber lime infused water

Image::Blackberry sage flavored water|||[object Object]
Blackberry sage flavored water

Image::Lime, mint, cucumber and green tea infusion|||[object Object]
Lime, mint, cucumber and green tea infusion

Image::Mojito water|||[object Object]
Mojito water

Image::Flavored ice cubes|||[object Object]
Flavored ice cubes

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